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Доброго дня, уважаемые форумчане прошу помощи! Не могу установить координатор ошибка в лог:

[13:16:59] Started installation process at Чт. апр. 24 13:16:59 NOVT 2014

[13:16:59] STEP 1: Select ViPNet install distribution

[13:17:01] Selected distribution file: '/home/step/distribute/distribute.tar.gz'

[13:17:04] STEP 2: Unpack ViPNet distribution archive

[13:17:04] Unpack '/home/step/distribute/distribute.tar.gz' successfull

[13:17:07] STEP 3: Find current ViPNet configuration

[13:17:07] No current ViPNet configuration found

[13:17:07] Selected install type: INSTALL

[13:17:07] STEP 4: Prepare for installation

[13:17:07] Remove services sessions:

[13:17:07] /var/run/*.session

[13:17:07] /var/run/watch_app_list

[13:17:07] Check packet filtering method...

[13:17:07] Packet filtering method: NETFILTER

[13:17:07] This script will install

[13:17:07] ViPNet Virtual Private Network i386/Linux Product version: 3.7.3 build 4190

[13:17:08] Check Linux distribution support...

[13:17:08] Linux distribution supported

[13:17:08] Check ethtool...

[13:17:08] Found ethtool /sbin/ethtool

[13:17:08] Check GCC version...

[13:17:08] Found GCC 4.6

[13:17:08] STEP 5: Install drivers

[13:17:08] Compiling drivers...

Kernel dir '/lib/modules/3.11.0-15-generic/build'

Kernel ver '3.11.0-15-generic'

Drivers build for kernel version 3.11.0-15-generic

cp: не удалось выполнить stat для «/tmp/dist1398320224/src/tmp.itcskrniface.o/itcskrniface.ko»: Нет такого файла или каталога

make: *** [all] Ошибка 1

[13:17:09] Error ocured during drivers compiling. See /var/log/vipnet_install.log for details.

[13:17:09] Installation ABORTED.

[13:17:09] Exit with code 16

Вот как с этим бороться? Раньше такого не замечал.... ХЕЛП!

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Судя по версии ядра, у Вас стоит убунта.

Весьма рискованное решение для защищённых сетей.

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